Prophet Picks

Based on advanced data & analytics – here is our favorite picks of the day. After every pick, there is a Confidence ranking out of 10. The higher the number the more confident we are in the pick.

Steph Curry o26.5 pts (-108) vs Spurs

Confidence Ranking: 8/10

The value is there and the atmosphere should be bonkers playing in front of a record crowd. This spot is impeccable and Curry on the season has a hit rate of 63% at this line. Everything points to a special night and Curry to do his best to entertain this Spurs crowd.

The L6 games vs the Spurs, Steph is avg. 28 ppg hitting the line 67%

The last few PGs vs Spurs have surpass their lines including – Ja Morant (38 pts), Malcolm Brogdon (23 pts) , Jaden Ivey (20 pts) & Jalen Brunson (38 pts)

It’ll be very unique, it’ll be cool to be a part of hopefully a record-setting night. I’ve never been to the Alamodome.
– Steph Curry

Nikola Vucevic o12.5 Rebs (-130) vs Thunder

Confidence Ranking: 7.5/10

Vucevic has been balling as of late. His line has a hit rate of 80% over the last nine games, including 18 rebounds vs the 76ers. OKC will be playing off a back to back and gives up the most Total Rebounds per game (55.5).

Earlier this year in November, he posted his 6th straight double-double vs OKC, grabbing 13 rebounds. As a Bull, he has a total of 43 Rebs in three games. With limited players on the roster capable of helping securing boards, look for Big Vuc to get this number again.

On Fanduel: Vucevic 12 rebs/Win +132

CJ Mccollum o3.5 3s (-136) vs Pistons

Confidence Ranking: 7/10

CJ comes into this matchup pretty hot without his all-star counterparts, Zion and Brandon Ingram over the last few weeks. This matchup isn’t too great with the Pistons ranking top 10 vs guards on the perimeter. However, CJ has hit this line six out of seven games, including franchise setting 11 3s vs the 76ers.

As a Blazer, CJ went over 3.5 threes 75% in four games. With the offense running through the veteran guard and with his current volume at 11 threes (over last seven games), look for him to continue his hot streak.

Last couple of 3pt specialist to play DET.

  • Simons (POR): 4/10
  • Thompson (GSW): 3/10
  • Lavine (CHI): 4/10

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