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“Preach Kev Preach with Rashad” Podcast aka The Prophets is one of the most entertaining podcast out right now. It features Keven Myrick & Rashad Harris. Have been running together since 2019 apart of 12ozSports and Unwrapped Sports but now find themselves with the Wildcard Community.

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The Prophets on Donovan Mitchell being the next player to be “saved”

Mitchell leaving Utah?

Come Listen to what the Prophets have to offer. See why you shouldn’t pay running backs, why wings in the NBA win Rings & why Clint Caplea is Bill Russell reincarnate.

  • Cowboys are 2-0 without Dak, should the way they're winning with Cooper Rush be the way they win with Dak? The AFC West isn't looking as promising as everyone thought. The Raiders have the worst record, the Chiefs could lose 2 in a row and the Chargers are all hitting […]
  • Another crazy week in the NFL, Who's been disappointing so far? Who will be the last team to win? Should we root for a Chiefs/Bills rematch. Is Tua legit with his comeback on the Ravens. Are the 49ers lucky or smart? Who wins the snoozefest of Browns vs Steelers?
  • Suns' Owner finds hiimself suspended for one season and fined up to $10 million – is this case similar to Donald Sterling? Did the NBA get it right? Later, the Prophets recap Week 1 including re-evaulting the Broncos and the new coach Hackett's decisions. Why Colts play bad every week […]

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