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UGA Wins Back 2 Back

Dominating performance over the TCU Hornets Frogs in the Nationals Championship game.

Bennett Kissing the trophy via New York Times

TCU only managed to score 7 points vs UGA, as the bulldogs put up 65 points. The Heisman finalist, Stetson Bennett put up 300+ passing yards, 4 passing TDs on 72% completion pct. He also added 39 rushing yards and 2 rushing to touchdowns. Future TE star, Brock Bowers reeled in 152 receiving yards and a score.

Kirby Smart wins back to back championships, the last team to do this feat was Alabama, Kirby Smart was also apart of that team.

TCU’s star QB disappointed Max Duggan and co. had social media going through a frenzy as another non-SEC team gets dragged on National Tv.

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