The Best Landing Spots for Cam Newton

The world of sports can change so quickly. One minute you’re up and the next you’re out of the league. It happened in basketball to Carmelo Anthony and now it’s happened in the NFL to Cam Newton. The persona, the perceived ego, the media attention have all combined and created a storm that shows no signs of clearing up right away. As Cam awaits, here are the best landing spots for him.

Seattle Seahawks

Cam Newton is no Russell Wilson, but he’s as close to a fill in you’ll find, if Seattle had to bring someone in. Pete Carroll embraces guys being themselves, Seattle fans are very open, and the offense has potential.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders signed Marcus Mariota to be Carr’s backup. If Derek Carr is injured or traded the Raiders can’t expect to win games with Mariota. Cam would give you a higher upside on the field and off the field media coverage moving to a new city.

Atlanta Falcons

Injuries hit the Falcons every year but its never hit Matt Ryan. If something were to happen and with Quinn on the hot seat, the Falcons could opt for the 2 for 1 special of selling tickets and trying to win by bringing in the GA native.

Pittsburgh Steelers

After seeing what Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges did last year, if Big Ben gets injured again Pittsburgh should opt to upgrade the position since they didn’t use the draft to fill the need. Tomlin is the kind of coach who can handle the media attention and locker room presence of Cam, I mean Tomlin had Antonio Brown for years.

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