Week 3 is in the books, a lot of movement and finding out which teams are real and which team is not. The rankings has been consistent with teams at the top, as well as team at the bottom. Don’t let another moment go until you see the Prophet Rankings after week 3.

32. New York Jets (0-3)

Last Week Ranking: 32

(AP Photo/Gail Burton)

This could be the worse team in the NFL and I don’t think it’s close. Adam Gase is one more blowout away from being fired, but what would that really mean? The race for 0-16 is on.

Highest Ranking: 32

Lowest Ranking: 32

31. New York Giants (0-3)

Last Week Ranking: 31

Another team from New York and another way to open the season up with disaster. Rookie HC Joe Judge has a lot of improvements for this young team. However it is hard to judge them when they faced defenses like Steelers, Bears and the 49ers.

Highest Ranking: 31

Lowest Ranking: 31

30. Washington Football Team (1-2)

Last Week: 24

Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Washington biggest problem is the QB position. Dwayne Haskins hasn’t showed any real signs through 3 games that points to him being a franchise QB. The DL is dangerous and Terry is Scary but that’s all they have going for them

Highest Ranking: 28

Lowest Ranking: 30

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 21

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

They are who we thought they were! After impressive win over the Colts and impressive lost vs the Titans, the Jags showed the world on National TV where they really stand. Can they bounce back?

Highest Ranking: 23

Lowest Ranking: 30

28. Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 28

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A Tie? Joe Burrow was a couple of plays away from making the 2019 NFC East Champs 0-3. They are showing signs of what could be an incredible offense in the near future. Stay Tuned

Highest Ranking: 24

Lowest Ranking: 30

27. Denver Broncos (0-3)

Last Week Ranking: 20

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

The injuries has piled up for the Broncos which make their ranking low. A team with promise seems to be stressing. Will they get their first win in Week 4?

Highest Ranking: 23

Lowest Ranking: 29

26. Carolina Panthers (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 30

Got their first win without their star player in Christian McCaffrey. This team will be a pain in the butt all year but there is a lot to look toward for Matt Rhule and company.

Highest Ranking: 21

Lowest Ranking: 29

25. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 26

Someone tell me where the real Carson Wentz is. He hasn’t showed any signs of a good QB – I question can he even read the defense. Nonetheless, the Eagles are still hurt (as always) and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.

Highest Ranking: 21

Lowest Ranking: 27

24. Atlanta Falcons (0-3)

Last Week Ranking: 22

The Comeback Kids got their name when they played the Falcons. Another late fashion lost, this team could be one of the best but they stand in their own way. The clock is ticking for Dan Quinn

Highest Ranking: 24

Lowest Ranking: 26

23. Miami Dolphins (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 29

Dolphins went wild vs the Jags on TNF. Brian Flores has the team playing pretty well sticking with the Pats and Bills to start the season. How will they fair with another Mobile QB in Week 4, let’s find out.

Highest Ranking: 22

Lowest Ranking: 28

22. Los Angeles Chargers (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 17

This team will be up and down all season. A team that has changed QBs plus with multiple injuries it is hard to get a real grasp if the lighting bolts are real.

Highest Ranking: 19

Lowest Ranking: 29

21. Minnesota Vikings (0-3)

Last Week Ranking: 25

Vikings made NFL History with a rusher over 175 yards and another player with over 175 yards receiving and still lost to the Titans on Sunday. They have looked better since Week 1 but still haven’t received their 1st win. Could be in store in Week 4.

Highest Ranking: 27

Lowest Ranking: 19

20. Houston Texans (0-3)

Last Week Ranking: 23

Watson is doing all he can but that isn’t enough right now. The schedule was not kind to the Texans, a very brutal start to the season.

Highest Ranking: 17

Lowest Ranking: 25

19. Las Vegas Raiders (2-1)

Last Week: 15

Raiders have to prove they can play from behind. Aside from the beautiful stadium there is still some ugly to their game.

Highest Ranking: 18

Lowest Ranking: 22

18. Detroit Lions (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 27

Impressive win over the Arizona Cards, this team was one catch away from being 2-1 and being in control of the destiny. Stafford is Top 10 in passing without Kenny Golladay, put some respect on his name.

Highest Ranking: 18

Lowest Rankin: 20

17. Cleveland Browns (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 18

Run the ball! That’s the success for this team — They’ll move up in they continue the 2 headed monster in Chubb & Hunt.

Highest Ranking: 17

Lowest Ranking: 18

16. San Francisco 49ers (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 13

The injuries are mounting up yet they still win. Kyle Shanahan is doing all he can, hopefully the injury bug moves away.

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 16

15. Arizona Cardinals (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 12

Kyler Murray…. how could you lose to Detroit? It’s okay, things happen, we still believe in you.

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 16

14. Chicago Bears (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 14

The change at Quarterback helped them stay undefeated. Bears are who we thought they were.

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 16

13. New Orleans Saints (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 9

Don’t know where to peg the Saints. Brees Average Depth of Throw is extremely low. He’s missing Mike Thomas but the defense isn’t that great so far. They’ll clean it up.

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 14

12. Indy Colts (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 16

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Still can’t believe Colts lost to the Jags but they dominated the Jets. Real challenge in Week 4, will they live up to the hype.

Highest Ranking: 9

Lowest Ranking: 15

11. Dallas Cowboys (1-2)

Last Week Ranking: 13

The offense is the calling card for the team and right now they’re 1 for 3. Dak lead the league in passing, that’s it for now.

Highest Ranking: 8

Lowest Ranking: 16

10. Tennessee Titans (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 10

They probably won Week 3 because they had the Coronavirus, either way they pulled out 3 wins by kicking game winning FGs. Can they dominate for 60 mins.

Highest Ranking: 8

Lowest Ranking: 15

9. New England Patriots (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 11

Big follow up to Week 2 performance putting up a lot of points. The big task is if they can do that in Week 4.

Highest Ranking: 7

Lowest Ranking: 10

8. Los Angeles Rams (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 7

Rams was a DPI call from being 3-0 and higher on this list but here they are looking so much better than initially thought. Goff and the offense has gotten back on track and that’s all you can ask.

Highest Ranking: 8

Lowest Ranking: 10

7. Tampa Bay Bucs (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 8

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

They may have the best defense in the NFC but they played the Panthers and the Broncos. The offense is getting better, can we trust Brady down the line??

Highest Ranking: 7

Lowest Ranking: 9

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 6

The defense played amazing in the 2nd half and the offense is getting better each week. All faith in Steelers this year to continually be in the top 7 all year.

Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 6

5. Green Bay Packers (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 4

A-Aron and A-Aron are doing everything in their power making them one of the best offenses in the league. Week 4 make way for some more fireworks.

Highest Ranking: 3

Lowest Ranking: 5

4. Buffalo Bills (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 5

Josh Allen continues to prove the doubters wrong. After giving up a 28-3 lead he proved how clutch he can be. The success is on his shoulders and he can handle it.

Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 6

3. Seattle Seahawks (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 3

Russ Cooked and it was good. Another Shootout performance by Seattle and it seems that Tyler Lockett may be the most underrated WR in the game.

Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 4

2. Baltimore Ravens (2-1)

Last Week Ranking: 2

Lackluster performance but the only time the Ravens trail is when they play the Chiefs. They’ll be fine and will bounce back huge in Week 4.

Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 4

1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

Last Week Ranking: 1

Is it Chiefs vs Everybody? Indeed it is. Mahomes and company looked great in Week 3 on both sides of the ball. They’ll look to keep that up vs another mobile QB in Cam Newton.

Highest Ranking: 1

Lowest Ranking: 1

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