How WWE can make the women’s division better

Currently the women’s division is in a weird place, we have two new fresh faces as champions with Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley and they are doing terrific jobs thus far. However, with the releases of so many women superstar having a women’s tag belt does not make much sense at the moment. I hate to say that because Tamina & Natalya as a tag team would be great if the roster still had other tags such as; Iconics, Bella twins, Riot Squad, Fire & Desire, Bayley & Sasha, Kairi Sane & Asuka, Kayden & Kacy. However, none of those tag teams exist anymore either from breaking up or no longer being with the company. Instead of forming random tag teams that don’t compliment one another WWE should replace the women’s tag team division with a mid-card singles belt. I am a fan of women’s division having a tag belt but with the current constructed roster it does not make much sense.

Adding a mid-card singles belt for the women’s division could do wonders for the locker room because this would allow the company to push women who they don’t see as world champions but still see them as championship worthy and this would allow women to potentially grow into world champion caliber. Committing to someone as world champion is a big deal, this would allow WWE to test the waters of their women superstars to see if they are built for the responsibility of a champion. Not to mention, fans are more likely to tune into a single’s championship match oppose to a tag team match. Do not get me wrong, I was very excited for the women’s tag belt when it was announced because they had the roster for it and I am not saying it should disappear forever but a mid-card women’s belt just makes more sense at the moment. There are women such as; Naomi, Tamina, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Liv Morgan, Dana Brooke, Natalya, Ember Moon, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and many more who may not be in the title picture anytime soon or ever and that is not because they are not good enough but because management does not have evidence or confidence in them a single’s title holder, this belt could be that stepping stone for them while still be a huge achievement within itself.

Other benefits of adding a mid-card single’s belt include:

  • Allowing women to stay relevant without being a world champion
  • You can have tag team matches without having a tag title and they don’t lose much meaning. Mid-card singles matches would mean more by having the title involved
  • Having a way to develop or discover mid-card talent as world champion talent
  • Allowing the women who will always be mid-card to stay motivated to put on good shows and get better because they still have a chance to be a title holder
  • Even outside of the actual mid-card championship matches this could lead to number one contenders and other matches that just allow you to use more of your roster without throwing random pairings together.
  • If you are bringing a new superstar into the company or bringing a superstar from NXT and want them to hit the ground running but do not want to commit to them a world champion this allows that to happen with having the mid-card title.
  • It gives the women who feel that have already achieved their goals as world champion a new milestone to look forward to.
  • If the company wants to take chance on someone as world champion they can have the mid-card belt in the hands of a proven superstar they know will they hold down the mid-card title down well enough to keep fans drawn in. Oppose to having a new risky champion and having a tag-team division that gets the least amount of viewers.

Lastly, It’s just time. We’ve had women’s PPVS, women wrestling in Saudi, women being the mania main event, women’s rumble and so many other achievements. The history of the men’s IC and US title is legendary with some of the names who held that title. It is time to offer that opportunity to the women.

How WWE can make the women’s division better