Ranking The Best NFL Job Destinations

Who’s Hiring? The time is upon us again, the infamous Black Sunday and Monday for NFL Head Coaches. Jay Gruden and Ron Rivera didn’t make it to this point after being fired mid-season, but for some of their contemporaries this can be a dreaded day. Some coaches like Dan Quinn were able to string together some wins and get a vote of confidence from ownership, while Pat Shurmur and Freddie Kitchens were relieved of duties relatively immediately.

With those jobs and a few others expected to open, what factors should potential candidates look at to be sure it’s the right fit. Candidates should make sure stand a chance to succeed so they don’t become a casualty of Black Sunday & Monday in the not to distant future as well as avoid a 1 and Done situation. (Steve Wilks in Arizona 2018-2019 and Freddie Kitchens 2019-2020)

We believe there are 5 things every coach should consider: GM/Ownership, Location, Roster, Quarterback, and Division. We have graded each of these categories and ranked them by perceived level of importance to assess which coaching situations are the most and least desirable. Here are our rankings for the available jobs from Best Job to Worst.

*K is For Keven, R is for Rashad for their reasoning*

Dallas Cowboys

K: With Dak contract situation looming, I still believe this team has the best QB situation out of all available jobs. With the roster already in place with the likes of Zeke, Cooper (contract looming), Gallup, the OL and an above average defense any coach would be happy given the state of the team. I gave the GM/Owner grade a C because of the involvement of Jerry Jones. He is everything you do not want as a coach because he has so much power in the NFL. I can see big names turning down the Cowboys for this reason alone but in a division so wide open this job takes the cake. 

R: The Cowboys, America’s team, is set up great for the future but who will be there to lead them. Jerry and Stephen have put together a deep roster the only major question being how much is Dak Prescott worth. If you don’t mind Jerry lurking and always being in the shadows this is a job you can expect to walk in and win games immediately.

New York Giants

K: The G-Men will be introducing their 3rd coach in 5 years for the 2020 season. Why would this job be 2nd? Well it should not be too hard to turn around. A defensive-minded coach should be lured here with Daniel Jones getting experience as a rookie and multiple weapons they have on offense including a top 4 draft pick, the right coach can quickly get the Giants to the promised land.  Just like for the Cowboys, the division is another luring factor, it so wide open I can see the Giants going from 3rd place to 1st similar to the 49ers in the NFC West.

R: After 2 attempts at hiring an offensive minded head coach the New York Giants could be headed in the opposite direction this time around. A solid offensive coordinator to pair with the young core of Daniel Jones, Saquon and young receivers should be enough to keep them headed in the right direction. The defense is where the attention should be. A personable defensive oriented coach who can handle the New York media and mask the shortcomings of talent would be ideal.

Carolina Panthers

K: Panther are here more so because of me than Rashad. Reports say that Panthers prefer an offensive minded coach and that is just what they need. I believe they will draft a QB like Tua from Alabama or keep their signal caller Cam Newton. A coach looking for his QB this is a great scenario because of what scheme they could bring. The defense need some fixing but with guys like DJ Moore and CMC in place the right Coach-QB pairing could get panthers in the mix of things, especially with a 4th place schedule and the 7th pick in the NFL Draft. 

R: The Carolina Panthers are in a precarious position. You have a new owner looking to make a splash. Firing Ron Rivera mid-season turned out to be terrible but at least you got a head start on your search. The QB and O Line situation need to be addressed and being in a tough division makes this coaching hire very important.

Jacksonville Jaguars

K: I don’t believe this is a great job, I mean it’s solid. If Marrone is fired, good luck to whoever is next because this roster does have holes. I do like the division, there’s no team who just owns it, hopefully Jags can get back to that magical season of 2017.

R: It feels like a decade has passed since the Jacksonville Jaguars had the Patriots on the ropes in the AFC Championship. A lot has changed in the 2 years since. No more Coughlin, Bortles or All-Pro stud Ramsey. Based on reports, I would guess this team needs a players coach who can manage multiple egos and unfortunately, you have to walk into the QB dilemma of Minshew vs Foles. I guess no State taxes and the warm weather of Florida make this job somewhat appealing. Not to mention, this division always seems to be up for grabs until the last week of the season and you could be walking into a solid young roster.

New York Jets

K: Adam Gase should be fired, beating Bills without their key guys in a meaningless week 17 means nothing. What you seen from Tannehill in Tennessee, DeVante Parker in Miami and Kenyan Drake in Arizona is simple to say Gase doesn’t know what he’s doing on the offensive end. But for a new coach to walk in with a young QB in Sam Darnold, solid weapons and a superstar safety there is something that can be built. The AFC East, with the Patriots dynasty about over, the division is there for the taking. The location of being in New York, young roster and a competent GM, its a solid job to take. 

R: This franchise is down right special and I don’t mean that as a compliment. They’ve done everything backwards. Letting a GM conduct a draft just to fire him afterwards makes no sense. Now you’re in search for a coach to pair with a GM and QB in Darnold who’s shown some signs of growth. After the Gase debacle do you go offensive minded again or defensive? If not for injury this defense had some potential. Roster and division will be the biggest challenges to overcome for this incoming coach.

Cleveland Browns

K: “Browns gonna Brown”, a famous saying everyone knows, and to me it is somewhere I just don’t want to be. The GM is better and to be honest was going in the right direction under Hue Jackson. Even with a young QB, superstars at the WR and DE position, if I am a young coach I wouldn’t touch it. A Mature coach? Well that’s different.

R: Expectations killed the Browns this season. Freddie was in way over his head with this one. With so much young talent it’s more imperative now than in years past the Browns get the right guy. It won’t be easy coaching against 2 Future Hall of Famers, managing multiple egos, expectations of fans and media and most importantly installing some discipline and accountability. The Browns were one of the league leaders in penalties and do I even need to mention the Myles Garrett debacle. The coach for this job must be a high character guy, proven winner and somewhat of a disciplinarian.

Washington Redskins

K: All I know is, Daniel Snyder is terrible but they’ll have Chase Young. That is it, that’s my analysis.

R: The nations capital, home of the Washington Redskins has also been the home of dysfunction. From Dan Snyder on down this franchise has had its fair share of bad moments. But entering this new decade there’s a chance to turn it around. The roster is relatively young and has shown flashes of productivity. The division is tough yet winnable as there has not been a repeat champion since the Eagles in 2003-2004. The coach to take this job has to be a believer in Haskins. When Haskins was drafted it was reported the room was divided on him as the guy. If the new coach does not believe in him and doesn’t have a track record of being able to create a winning culture there’s a good chance it’s a bad hire.

Why Serbia is Destined To Win Gold

The FIBA World Cup is set to take place in China at the end of next week. The tournament will act as qualification for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and with the field expanding from 24 teams to 32, it will give more teams more opportunities to make a stronger case.

Qualified Teams for FIBA:

  • 5 Teams From Africa (Angola, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia)
  • 7 Teams From The Americas (USA, Canada, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Venezuela)
  • 8 Teams From Asia and Oceania (China, Japan, Iran, Australia, South Korea, Jordan, Philippines, New Zealand)
  • 12 Teams From Europe (France, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Lithuania)

So why Serbia? Let’s take a trip down memory lane. In the last World Cup, dating back to 2014, Team USA met Serbia in the World Cup Final in Madrid, Spain. Serbia was dealing with a very difficult group with the likes of powerhouses of Spain, Brazil and France. Serbia did defeat Iran and Egypt but lost to all three teams accumulating 7 points (2 points for wins & 1 point for a lost) and advancing to the next round. In the round of 16, Serbia faced the winner of Group B Greece, who went undefeated knocking off teams like Argentina and Croatia in the process. An impressive 18 point win was the spark they needed. The next round, they faced an opponent they lost to before, Brazil. An eight point lost earlier in the tournament now turned into a 28 point blowout led by Milos Teodosic with 15 points. Serbia made their way to the Final Four of the World Cup. Serbia couldn’t avoid yet another FIBA Powerhouse in France, a familiar opponent from just a few games back. France won the 4th quarter by 3 points and ultimately winning the game 74-73. In the Semifinals, after 2 big wins, this time would be different. Serbia was in control for majority of the game, taking a 14 point lead into halftime, as well as a 15 point lead into the 4th. Serbia hangs on,behind Milos’ 24 points, with a 5 point win making the World Cup Final for the first time since winning Gold in 2002, who went by the country Yugoslavia that grace the names of Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, and Vladmir Radmanovic. The question was who would Serbia be playing in the Finals? Of course that’s not really a question, as Team USA won every game by 20 or more points. This would be the case in the World Cup Final — Team USA won 129-96. Serbia took home Silver.

Nikola Jokic drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 2014, in the 2nd Rd with the 41st pick, with not a lot of expectations turned out to be one of the best picks this decade. In the 2016 Olympics, the world got to see his growth to stardom. Just 2 years removed from the 129-96 lost to Team USA in the World Cup, Serbia find themselves in the same group as them, with 2 other good teams France and Australia. In similar fashion, Serbia lost to Australia and France by 15 and 1 respectively, but what was so shocking is that Serbia almost upset Team USA who hadn’t lost an international game since the assembling of the Redeem Team. With the star studded team that the USA presents, they almost slipped through the cracks and if not for a off the rim shot by Bogdan Bogdanovic (Kings) would have took a L. Either way Jokic put on a show at a very young age — posting 25 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in a nailbiting 94-91 lost.

Serbia still made the final round of 8 with another similar path of 2014 FIBA World Cup. Serbia escaped Croatia, then destroyed Australia, who they once lost to before and yet again find their way in another Final match with the Powerhouse of the USA. Very different outcome this time as USA wiped the floor with them coasting to a 3rd Straight Gold Medal winning by 30, leaving Serbia with another Silver Medal.

Nikola Jokic (Serbia) being guarded by Draymond Green (USA) in the Gold Medal Game

Internationally, basketball is getting better and better with a lot of new countries putting more and more teams in the NBA. Teams like Canada, Australia, Greece are all rising with their new talent. Serbia is right in the mix and with Jokic, arguably being the best big man in the league (averaging 20.1 ppg, 10.8 rpg, and 7.2 apg) has to chance to make a statement this upcoming World Cup. Losing Milos Teodosic would hurt for most teams but with a Top Ten player in the NBA and other NBA talent like Bogdan Bogdanovic and Nemanja Bjelica of the Kings, new Mavericks Center Boban Marjanovic, and former Bucks player Miroslav Raduljica it is easy to see why FIBA World Rankings have them ranked #2 in the World, only behind the United States.

Teammates Bogdan Bogdanovic and Nikola Jokic in an exhibition game

Why do I believe that Serbia will take Gold? Well a lot has to do with their rise as a team but also what Team USA will look like come August 31st. After numerous All Stars dropped out to prepare for the NBA Season, what this USA team lack is an identity. Most times, USA gather the best talent and it can overcome any problems that occurs. Chemistry will play a huge factor for Team USA. While most international countries have been playing together since they were young (Serbia is no different) the United States, with as much talent as we have that’s just hard to do.

Since I’ve been watching international basketball, USA at any given moment has the best player on the court. When USA takeS on Nikola Jokic, this would not be the case. Without a superstar or go to guy as of now, Serbia has the advantages to finally capture Gold.

I’m not the only person who agree. Serbian coach, Aleksandar “Sasha” Djordjevic said in a interview, “Let’s let them play their basketball and we will play ours and if we meet, may God help them.” Sasha has shown no sympathy for “the Americans”, as he referred to them in his interview, claiming this is what happens to most European teams.

With plenty of teams and opportunities, this very well may be Serbia’s chance at obtaining Gold. Look for Nikola Jokic and Co. to finally get the job done and win it all.

Keven’s Keys To Success: Fantasy Football

The best season is finally here, Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football has opened many doors because now you’re not just a fan of the team you enjoy watching on Sundays but now you’re a fan of the game and other players. I’m a Vikings fan but guess who I love? I love Davante Adams for the Packers and I love Kenny Golladay for the Lions. To celebrate the best time of the year with you all I want to give my 5 keys to success.

WR #17 Devante Adams, GB
  1. Know the players, know the game, know the rules. So you asked me how do you do that? Simple, Mock drafts. You should do mock drafts over and over and over again to be completely comfortable knowing where guys are coming off the board. You should also know their Average Draft Position or ADP and you MUST find ways to manipulate the draft.
  2. You should know the format: PPR (points per reception), Half PPR 2 QB leagues, SuperFlex (QB,RB,WR,TE) or Double Flex , how many Running Backs or Wide Receivers are in the starting lineup — that can change the values for different players.
  3. During the Draft, Draft who you want but remember to Draft around their ADP. If they won’t come back to you by your next selection then it is not a Reach. Please, I beg you, wait til the last two rounds to select defense and Kickers — Build your team with depth.
  4. Don’t draft a QB or TE high. Quarterbacks touch the ball every play and dictate where the ball goes and for Tight Ends sometimes they’re asked to block depending on the scheme and not always available to give you points.
  5. After your team is finalized, let’s talk about Trading. I believe I am an elite trader, some would say a Master. Knowing when to Buy High or Sell Low is how you become a master trader. Continuous improvement is what you’re striving for. You don’t have to trade every week but if you’re not getting better then why are you playing? The key is knowing how to make someone say yes. For Example: Someone is struggling with Running Backs, this your time to pounce. Someone loses their QB? Time to pounce. There are — always opportunities in Fantasy Football that you must take advantage. When the time comes, you have to use it.
Trading for D. Adams early in the season

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